Skip Bag

Skip Bag Collection Costs

SKIPPOBAG - €99.99

Collection costs are per bag. A €5 discount is offered if a second and subsequent bag is ready for collection at the same time and location.

Booking a Skip Bag Collection

  • Please ensure you have your credit card or laser card and collection address details ready when calling. (A 3% surcharge is applicable on all credit/ laser card transactions).
  • Calls can only be logged when your SKIPPOBAG has been filled.
  • You will also be asked what type of waste you have filled your SKIPPOBAG with.
  • Collections are made within 5 working days. There is no requirement for someone to be present when we collect a bag.
  • Please ensure your SKIPPOBAG is accessible to ensure the driver can collect the bag between 6.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Saturday. A collection may be refused if the bag is not accessible, obstructed, damaged, contains any of the waste items listed in the How It Works section which cannot be disposed of.
  • All waste is collected and disposed of in accordance with government regulation


Full instructions and terms are listed on the label attached to the SKIPPOBAG.

Collection is available from Ireland specified. Please ring for details.

This bag can be collected by Waste Recovery Services ONLY.
Waste Recovery Services, Cullenagh, Fermoy, Co.Cork. Skip Hire Cork

Skip Bag Enquiries Tel: Cork 021 4220044   Tel: Fermoy 025 31055

Ref No: W0107-1, Waste Collection Permit CK. WMC. 92/01, WCP. KK. 093/ (A) 06, WCP/LK/230/05B

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